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Factions Of New Marais Empty Factions Of New Marais

Post by Ex249 on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:12 pm

The Militia:

The Militia is a paramilitary organization within New Marais led by [redacted], acting as the city's de facto police force. A radical organization devoted to "human purity" and the elimination of Conduits, the Militia has taken over the city after order fell, though they continue their movement against superhuman individuals by apprehending them.

Vermaak 88:

Vermaak 88, often referred to as The Ice Gang, The Ice Freaks, or The Ice Soldiers by several of the citizens at New Marais, is a very large and powerful South African based Private Military Company hired by [redacted] for experimentation, initially for protection. It is reported that Vermaak 88 had extended 43 percent of its operations in the last five years and had become one of the largest Private Military Contractors in the world due, in part, to lucrative government contracts with the United States Military during the War in Iraq.
All members of the vermaak have ice powers and must set their race to forced conduit until they obtain a blast core, and therefore become "whole".

The Rebels:
The Rebels were formed sometime 2010 by [redacted] after [redacted] and the Militia arrived in New Marais and replaced the battered Police Department. It's suggested the Rebels were able to stand against the Militia until they started getting more heavy weaponry, and the Corrupted started getting involved in their fights.


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