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Seina Calin


October 20th

Seina Calin CLArtW
Seina has long black hair and icy blue eyes. Her build is quite petite and slim, as it's difficult for her to gain weight, with a pale complexion like fresh snow. A high school student, she usually wears her Americanized school standard uniform with a white button down long sleeve shirt, tan loose jacket and black leggings under her black shorts with a white belt. Having been a shoe fanatic, she's usually seen wearing semi-high heel ankle boots with a thick heel.



:Power Abilities:

Shadow Dash - Loses physical form to become a running shadow, intangible in this form. Can move up into the air like this as well.

Dark Impact - Melee attacks, usually a combination of kicks punctuated with shadows on her heels to deal more damage despite her weaker frame.

Wrappings - Consumes the opponent in shadow, Does not hurt them but renders them temporarily blind and deaf

Edges - A shadow, like a tentacle, wraps around the handle of her tanto. She can use this to attack enemies at long range like a whip with a sharp end.

-Can play Piano

-Tanto, Stolen from the mall
-A letter from her brother

Seina is a shy girl who doesn't know how to communicate her thoughts to others well and has always preferred the wallflower method of getting through life despite being quite opinionated and actually very rebellious. Though she doesn't have low-self esteem, she fails to see anything particularly special about herself, wanting to get through every day with as little issue with others as she can. She's still trying to figure out what she's passionate about, if anything at all. She enjoys shopping, especially collecting shoes, and normally would be spending her time with friends at the mall.


Seina and her older brother Kristopher lived with their single working class mother somewhere in the landlocked areas of the United States. The two were thick as thieves and were known for stirring up trouble in their desert town which usually left them bored out of their minds, so when the opportunity to escape from the town appeared, Kristopher took it immediately and joined the marines. Naturally, Seina was upset. After he left, there was nearly nothing to do but focus on her studies at school and smoke cigs out behind it.

After a fatal car accident for their mother with Seina in the passenger seat, their mother passed away. Kristopher was able to quickly claim custody for her, leaving her able to be transferred to a boarding school in upstate Louisiana, not far from New Marais where he was stationed. There she was able to make friends and even find a few suitable hobbies that allowed her to kick her smoking habit.

With news of the blast, the shockwave reaching to her as well, she immediately fled from the boarding school to head to New Marais on her own, discovering her conduit abilities when she was attacked by one of the men she was hitch hiking with. Her goal at this time is to find her brother and ensure that he's alright.

:Roleplay Sample:
Seina stared at the dead body at her feet, tanto held in both hands. What the absolute hell was that just now? Her blue eyes felt tight with dread. Then she started to notice the blood pooling toward her velvet lined heels and she stuttered backwards, initially dropping the short blade she'd stolen from the mall to press her hands back against the wall. A breath escapes her lips, and then she reaches down to grab the knife, flicking the blood from it and running out of the bathroom stall, the door slamming open when her palm threw itself against it. The image of the shadow leaping out from the tip of the knife just by pointing it at him burned into her mind.

Plays with her hair when she's fumbling for her words.

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