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The Doctor is In Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT9erjEUFYWED1mZZxOZbZ_UibcsA8hb9dAOA5vFIVGf5LU2zKJ8Q
Balthazaar Aaron Stilles


April 1st

The Doctor is In Large

Ordinarily, He is swathed head to toe in old plague doctor garb for the safety of his coworkers. Beneath his thick leather wrappings and duct tape around his gloves, Balthazaar is a brunette with shaggy hair and beady dark eyes. His body is normally covered head to toe in gaping, festering wounds and frequently tearing flesh. Usually covered in red and yellow rashes and dripping blood from his lips, which his plague doctor masks' long nose is used to catch rather than its original historical purpose.



:Power Abilities:

Pestilent Aura - (After Stripping of his Plague Doctor Suit,) The area around Balthazaar chips away at his opponent's health quickly as they become infected with symptoms of the bubonic plague. Leaving his vicinity, the symptoms become that of the common cold and can be treated as such. The closer you are, the more infectious and deadly the aura.

Projectile Vomit - Exactly as it sounds, he can project up to about 5ft in front of him. Extra potent stomach acid has a mild corrosive effect harsh enough to burn away cloth and a few layers of skin.

Toxic Blood - With the use of syringes, he injects the blood from his gaping wounds into the opponent. The result is their bodies reacting by their skin ripping open on its own in a similar gruesome fashion, speeding up their infection.

-A Ph.D in Medicine
-Fully licensed doctor
-Steady hands

-Portable electric fence, First Son's technology in the form of a cube that creates an electrical barrier with a circumference of 15ft
-Syringes with needles full of his blood

Balthazaar is on a teetering balance between madness and sanity with no real pattern between either. His base impulse and desire is to infect as many people as possible; but it's no difficulty to reel himself back in and straighten his morals. He is first and foremost a professional and he's always loved his work, even if now these days, when his eyes get fuzzy and bags grow under his eyes, he can only think of what it would be like to have others like him so he didn't have to be inside the horrible, hot plague doctor suit. He is... incredibly frustrated, these days.
Aside from this, he is fiercely competitive with words like the bite of a rattlesnake. He evokes pleasure from cutting others down to see their reactions and speaking coarsely to those who are supposed to be in charge or of authority over him. That being said he does have a heart and frequently surprises other with seemingly out-of-nowhere acts of kindness. He is, apparently, unpredictable.

First Sons

Balthazaar grew up with his twin sister Annaliese in Brookstone Orphanage in [the equivalent of New Jersey,] having lost their parents at a young age while on a flight to New Marais to celebrate their anniversary. As the orphanage was well off, it allowed both of them to explore their interests as they pleased with Annaliese focusing more in sports and Balthazaar more in science, both being overachievers in their respected fields.
After receiving his Masters degree in Biology and completing his Ph. D in medicine at ECU (Empire City University,) Balthazaar spent most of his time researching cures for hard to treat diseases. He was in the ECU labs when the blast struck the city and his unfortunate abilities manifested. The First Sons swept through the wreckage of the ECU labs to scout for materials that would help their research, finding Balthazaar there with it, half trapped beneath some rubble staying alive on rat carcasses. He became of interest to the First Sons after he was taken in; his credentials were noted when he obnoxiously corrected the staff there on their incorrect term uses and improper equipment care.
Seeing only benefits to the offer they made for him to be studied while working for them, Balthazaar agreed to working for the First Sons, amassing respect quickly from his peers that have noted his intelligence. He is treated something as a captain between the First Sons with his lack of morality when it comes to studying other conduits.
He worries about the fate of his sister, having lost contact with her during the blast.

:Roleplay Sample:
Balthazaar knelt his head over his work, his head bobbing up and down. He needed sleep, he knew that. Still... it wasn't much further... If he just completed what he was doing, he wouldn't need to work any further for the weekend. Still, the idea of sleep was absolutely singing to him like a siren song. Of course he was going to--
His head jerked up. Morning. The alarm clock was ringing behind him and his plague doctor mask cracked the petri dish he was working with. He groaned, swiping his work into the trash. This weekend would never end.

He's very fond of small birds and feeds them when he has free time. He's training them to sit on the end of his plague doctor beak.

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