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Post by Ex249 on Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:43 pm

:Name: Vermaak unit 249

:Age: Unknown, looks around 25


The OG himself Ba7ddf66513f55497fe53d4ea334f704
Standing 5'11 (6' in vermaak suit) with almost shoulder length white hair, almost snow white skin, and piercing blue, nearly glowing eyes. He wears the basic light vermaak suit without the backpack, as his job involves him moving quickly and his commanding officer uses his lack of a cooling device as an incentive to get between warehouses faster.
Forced Conduit


Power Level:

:Power Abilities:
-Ice Launch: A pillar of ice quickly rises below Vermaak unit 249, launching him into the air.
-Ice Slide: Slip and slide on some ice
-Ice Pillar: A much thicker, slower and taller ice launch, can also make walls and other large solid objects in his vicinity.
-Ice Beam: A beam of subzero energy that freezes whatever it hits solid (conduits resist this).
-Ice generation: Can make constructs out of ice, be it a sword, shield, snowballs or just a chunk to throw/throw at somebody.

Military training
Newfound ice skating ability
Sandwich artist
Good with directions

Basic light Vermaak armor to keep him cold with trenchcoat and helmet
A shotgun
Communication device in helmet

Much of 249's personality was lost when he was frozen and pumped full of conduit juice from that blue haired woman. What he knows about himself now is that he's not as crazy as the rest of his brothers in arms. He enjoys his newfound powers a bit more, and hasn't had any urges to murder civilians yet. He's a fighter, lover second, and a sandwich enthusiast third. He is very passionate about his relationships, going to extreme lengths to protect or pursue those he loves or even has a crush on. He longs to take off his mask, smell the fresh air, maybe even touch someone not as cold as he is but that day is just not looking like it will come soon. He has no hesitation in his actions and decision making.

:Faction: Vermaak 88

Born somewhere in South Africa, to a family he cannot recall, 249 must have joined Sold to a man promising to make him a super soldier and held in a small locker unconscious for months, there's not much going on for 249. He has, however, made a name for himself as a courier for the DUP, suppressing the ice that seems to consume his brothers in arms as time has gone on since his escape. He has aided in suppressing the Militia and Rebels who attempt to reclaim Floodtown and the gasworks. He has watched his friends go on rampages, killing civilians for no reason other than the fact they may know the location of a blast core. Blast cores are almost all anyone around him talks about nowadays, and he was constantly sent out to terrorize the citizens of New Marais in search of the strange rocks that would somehow set him and his brothers free. Problem was, nobody could find one.

:Roleplay Sample:
"249 to 99, I've found the family. Their house is barren, not even food. No way they have the core, moving out." 249 said, his hand to his ear to report to his commanding officer, 99. "Kill one, see if they're lying. One of the kids." The voice called back in his ear. He looked at the family, it was a mother and her two daughters, huddled in their home and cowering in a corner as this man with a shotgun tore their 'house', if you could call it that anymore. The place was claimed by flood water and they had only the top floor and the roof to live on and no electricity. "Yes sir." 249 replied. He pointed the shotgun at the wall to his right and blew a hole in it. "Now that you only have one daughter, maybe you'd like to tell me the truth." He said, never pointing the gun at the family. Luckily his suit only had audio transmission.

(Optional. Can include theme song or fun facts about your character, like quirks.)

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The OG himself Empty Re: The OG himself

Post by ReaptheMusic on Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:40 am

I approved this

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