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Lucas Rice


June 5th

Lucas Rice 13109065_1040496939357803_9967744_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTI0MDg0ODA5NzkyNDYyNjk3MQ%3D%3D
Lucas has brown hair, a pale complexion, and hazel eyes. He often wears his old, hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and a worn-down pair of sneakers. At any point in time, Lucas carries several scrapes and bruises on his body, and he has several scars from nasty fights and accidents which he proudly displays when he tells over exaggerated stories about them. He can often be found carrying his beloved boomerang.


Air Manipulation

Power Level
Tier 3

Power Abilities

  • Razor Wind: Lucas condenses a blade of air to slice through thin materials or cut thicker ones.
  • Wind Blast: Directing wind in a specific direction, Lucas forms a strong wind which can topple an enemy.
  • Gale Wave: Lucas sends out a wave of air in all directions which might stagger his opponents, set off car alarms, or shatter windshields.
  • Updraft: Summoning a small yet powerful updraft, Lucas can launch himself or a target into the air
  • Falling With Style: After launching himself or another with an updraft, Lucas can slow the descent of the launched by maintaining a weaker updraft beneath the object.
  • Boomerang: Lucas uses the wind to make sure his boomerang returns safely to his hands.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Boomerang Combat
  • Electronics
  • Cooking
  • Karaoke
  • Puns


  • Boomerang
  • Old Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Walkie Talkie


  • Perceptive
  • Direct
  • Sociable
  • Creative
  • Impatient
  • Unorganized
  • Impulsive
  • Defiant


Even before his birth, Lucas shared an inseparable bond with his twin sister, Ava. The two grew side by side in their mother’s womb until the early hours of June 5th where, surrounded by the bustling activity of one of Topeka’s busiest hospitals, Lucas emerged from his mother’s womb. Ava appeared shortly afterward as the second born child of James and Marie Rice. A few days later, the pair would arrive at their new home in Topeka where they would live for the next 17 years.

As the twin babies grew into toddlers, Lucas always took pride to outperform his sister wherever he could. Shared birthday parties developed into races to see which set of candles could be extinguished first, arcades had their highscore lists labelled with either AVA or LUC, and both Lucas and his sister bruised their knees several times by attempting to removed the training wheels from their bikes first. Despite this rivalry, however, the twins supported each other in nearly everything. If Lucas ever needed another coin at the arcade, Ava would willingly hand him one of hers, and if Ava had scraped her knee after falling off her bicycle, Lucas would quickly help her onto her feet.

The twins formed a powerful friendship over their competitions which guided them through middle and high schools. Lucas, who often found himself at odds with classmates, relied on Ava to calm his down while Ava, the more passive of the two, relied on Lucas to help her deal with issues directly. Few of their high school classmates were surprised when the twins both decided to attend Empire University in Empire City toward the end of their senior years. Lucas would attend with a scholarship to study electrical engineering while Ava would pursue a degree in anthropology.

Toward the end of their freshman years, however, Lucas and Ava’s lives changed dramatically as the Ray Sphere detonated in the Historic District of Empire City. Waking up at the outer rim of the massive crater left by the detonation, Lucas felt the wind pushing against his body as he moved to search for his sister. The two managed to find each other through the smoke, wind, and debris from the blast and limp toward the slums of the Warren where the hoped to find medical help at Empire City’s only hospital.

A week later, the city had collapsed into lawlessness and a quarantine locked Lucas and Ava inside the chaos of Empire City. The two managed to survive, however, by leaning on each other’s support. Lucas handled finding and protecting a small apartment from riots and thieves while Ava found food and learned the skills necessary to survive under the city’s new social order. The two would gather in the apartment each night to celebrate a successful day with a foraged feast or, on days with a scarcity of food, to regroup and develop new strategies. Around this time, both Lucas and Ava began to discover the powers they received from the Ray Sphere’s blast and use them in their day-to-day lives. Lucas honed his wind manipulation skills to better handle the rioters and gang members which approached the twins’ home each day while Ava relied on her fog-like powers to disappear from tricky situations or intimidate anyone who threatened her.

As time went on, the two began to shift their attention away from merely surviving to plotting an escape from the city. The gang members which Lucas drove away from the twins’ apartment each day often returned with an extra partner or two, and Lucas started to fear the day when a gang would arrive with more men than he could overcome. Ava, as well, found her fog powers less effective at scaring away local threats and competition as time went on. The two, however, witnessed the failed attempts to escape the quarantine by Empire City’s disgruntled citizens and realized their plans to escape would most likely end with bullets ripping through their bodies. Instead, the twins abandoned their small apartment, swam to the Neon District, and looted an electronics store. Then, finding the top floor of a skyscraper abandoned, the twins formed the floor into their new living space. Lucas, with his interest in electronics, rigged a homemade security alert system to the floor beneath the twins as well as the door to the building’s roof. After spending several nights in the building, the twins grew comfortable with the safety the height of the skyscraper presented and focused on developing and understanding their new powers.

Roleplay Sample
Lucas breathed quietly as he eyed the thick, wooden door as if noticing it for the first time. His handle shot toward the silver doorknob and twisted only to feel the knob’s motion restricted. Jiggling the knob several times, Lucas finally accepted the reality of the locked door in front of him. He sighed and turned to leave, but stopped almost instantly. What lied beyond the locked door? What secrets were important enough to lock away on the highest floor of a Neon District skyscraper? He had to find out.

Turning, Lucas launched his shoulder into the door only to feel himself launched off his feet by the force of the impact. “Son of a--” he muttered as he eyed the undamaged wood. Jumping to his feet, Lucas charged into the locked door again, inflaming the pain already present in his shoulder and landing, again, on the soft carpet. With a frustrated exhale, Lucas wobbled to his feet and stared down his enemy. The silver knob seemed to glare back at him, challenging him to injure his shoulder more.

Wind seemed to rush in Lucas’ ears as he focused his anger on the doorknob, no longer concerned with the room behind the door but with the door itself. Summoning a condensed blast of air, Lucas threw the wind against the door several times. With each blow, he watched the door bow farther inward until it finally hung loosely around its frame. Lucas grinned smugly as he walked to the door, kicked it violently, and watched as it separated from its hinges. Glancing inside the now-empty doorframe, Lucas’ smug grin disappeared as he recognized the dark outlines of a janitor’s cleaning equipment.


  • Thinks he’s a great singer, but isn’t
  • Enjoys disc golf
  • Loves gambling
  • Hates the texture of tomatoes


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