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Post by DocTachyon on Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:53 pm

inFAMOUS Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines

  • This is not your story, nor your characters story, and please do not act as such. Your character is not the hero of the story, nor the villain. Sitewide storylines alternate on a somewhat regular basis. If you have a suggestion for one, please submit it to the Administration team for consideration.
  • No God-Modding, Powerplaying, or Metagaming. God-Modding is having an extremely overpowered character, and leveraging it to your advantage. Powerplaying is exerting control over other player's characters. Metagaming is utilizing information or knowledge gained out of character to inform a character's decisions and actions.
  • While the minimum post for this website is three sentences, we suggest posting at least two paragraphs for a roleplaying post. This is ample material for your partner to construct a well thought out response, and posts of this length are more conducive to superior writing quality, and they contribute to better reading conditions.
  • DO NOT USE EMOTIOCONS IN POSTS. This is grounds for a swift, unrelenting asskicking, and instant character death.
  • No killing other characters without their creator's explicit consent. However, if an author allows their character to be led into an absolute no win situation, at admin discretion, they may be killed.
  • New members may only create two characters. When they have proved their ability as a roleplayer, a Moderator will move them to the 'Regulars' group.
  • No creation of new factions are allowed without explicit consent from the administration team.
  • Travel time between cities is near instant, just keep a character in one thread at a time.

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