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Sarina "Sally" Arbite



February 23rd

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War was born with albinism that has given her shocking white hair and eyes that variant from dark to red depending on the lighting around her. Given her distinct appearance it was difficult for her to be taken seriously in her line of work, thus giving reason to the light colored scars checked around her body at different intervals from the back of her arms, her back, her abdomen and her thighs. She's tall, standing at 5'11 with hair down to just above her butt.

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:Power Level:

:Power Abilities:

Military Combat Training
Karaoke Professional

Bowie Knife
Detective Badge
Files in Regards to Suspects
Fake-Death Pill

-Secretly, a Romantic


Sabrina's birth was only possible with her mother's death. She was left with a semi-neglectful father who blamed her for her mother's death and bringing attention to their family with the circumstance of her peculiar, ghostly appearance. As a result she wasn't well taken care of and didn't adapt to playing well with the other children. She became bitter, unable to comprehend why she couldn't fit in with others. This built into a deep angst, and she harbored resentment against her father. After learning of her resentment, her father taught her how to shoot, telling Sabrina "If you hate me so much, then just shoot me one day. End it."

She left her family as soon as possible to join the Army. Her skill and level of concentration was well noted, and her supervisor suggested she enter the Bureau, as her skills could be of better use there. Not having any other plan after she'd be done with the Army anyway, she went with it and continued to solve investigations on the whims of her managers. She's yet to find joy in her life, her hard exterior earned her the codename that has caused other agents to beware of her. Sabrina no longer existed, only "War" was left in her wake. Her latest assignment was to infiltrate the gangs of Empire City, get to know what's occurring within their walls and the reasons they operate so the FBI can update their records and act accordingly.

:Roleplay Sample:
War walked past her coworker, codename Rose, a black haired agent who was quite attractive and had his eye on her for some time. Her white haired trailed behind her as Rose padded up to walk with her.
"War, right? Hey, listen, I was wonder if today after work you might be interested in going out for a drink with me?" His voice was smooth, practiced, seductive. It made her shiver but...
"No... Sorry. No dating coworkers." Her eyes fixed forward, Rose scowled.
"That's the fun of it... come on... what do you say?" She sighed deeply at his persistence and kept her head down. Maybe a drink would be nice, but then, he'd probably just make her feel guilty about herself too.

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