Your lord and savior (unless your Gorma, he has Jesus)

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Your lord and savior (unless your Gorma, he has Jesus) Empty Your lord and savior (unless your Gorma, he has Jesus)

Post by Ex249 on Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:56 pm

Welcome one and all to the glorious introduction of your one true lord and savior, Ex249, formerly Experiment 249 on the old site.

I am not the founder of inFAMOUSPG but I am the one who caused the old one to be deleted, and then resurrected the new one (along with the help of Ness, Legs, and Reap) and the one who started rebuilding it (but that was mostly Lego and Gorma, to be fair.).

I have a life, but I do my best to be on the site a lot even though as of writing this it isn't open, I just wan to assure you that I will do my best to help you with any problems you may have in the future.

But that's all business shit, what about who I am? Well

I am one of the few people from the old site who actually played (and got platinum trophies, cough cough) the inFAMOUS games and fell in love with the lore and history of the world and wanted to do something beyond simply enjoy it and experience it in a way.
I'm 20, go to school right now at Kent State University in my 3rd year studying criminology and sociology, I live in an apartment with 1 roommate and I really like cats and drinking water to not die. I have fun, and I have the most replies on my birthday post on the old site so eat shit other old members, I'm da bes.

Anyways, enjoy your stay,

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