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Post by Megz on Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:08 am

Marie Estelle Bouvier
May 22nd

Marie Estelle Bouvier Marie_10
Marie Estelle Bouvier Marie_11
She’s 5’10 and moves very gracefully. She has green eyes and short blonde hair. She wears a black skirt, heels and a nice button down when working at the bar and a cocktail dress in the evenings. When not working she’s most likely in leggings and a comfortable t-shirt or a sundress.



Running in heels
Charging you $12.99 for a Budweiser
Money Management

Gucci Book bag
Dagger strapped to her thigh

Marie can be a very kind person when she wants to be. She’ll go out of her way with her loved ones and tends to be very affectionate with them. She values loyalty and commitment. To everyone else she is very polite and acts very gracious but truly has very little regard for any of their problems or well-being. She does love their money though and will be as dazzling and charismatic as she needs to get it.  She is a great listener and is on top of all the gossip of Empire City. She is very collected but if she gets truly upset she is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t take slights well and holds grudges but won’t openly show disdain for anyone. She can be passive aggressive and petty but always in a coy manner.

Affiliated with the Reapers
Marie was born in Nice France and lived there with her father and mother in the Hotel they ran that catered publicly to the rich and famous and secretly to more criminally inclined patrons. Marie grew up in a very picturesque way; she studied ballet, went with her family to Paris for the summer, even rode horses. When she was 12 her parents sold the hotel due to some unsavory investigations into her family’s Hotel and its legitimacy. They then proceeded to  move to Empire City where they hoped to continue to be respectable business owners. After her father was arrested for money laundering and her mother for manslaughter, 18 year old Marie(having been proven to definitely have no involvement in her parents dealings) went off to college for Business Administration and Psychology.
After she finished her studies she returned to Empire City and opened up a Bar in the Neon District. It had been her mother’s dream so Marie renovated an old speakeasy and opened up Bar Dumort. And then the city proceeded to fall to shit. But since Marie does nothing but strive under adversity she kept her bar running and became to go to person for information and made powerful friends like Lysander, leader of the Reapers. But even she has some connections he doesn’t know about. The bar had preexisting tunnels and secret exits and entrances and Marie uses them to sneak in everything from 200 year old wine to exotic birds; if you have the money she can get it for you. She works very secretively and is very adept at keeping all her dealings as under the radar of law enforcement as possible.  

:Roleplay Sample:
“As I said before Mr. Melchizedek, your shipment will be here in a few days; don’t worry. More Chardonnay?” The older man nodded and Marie poured him his fifth glass of the 2005 Marcassin Estate. At $400 dollars a bottle it was the Chardonnay she always recommended. And with whiny patrons like the sad sack in front of her who kept pestering her about his order of cocaine, she made sure to keep them drinking. Marie put the bottle back in its place in the intricate wine rack she had behind the bar, taking note of the others in the bar.
“Miss Bouvier? ” Marie turned to her employee who had walked in from the back room.
“Yes Claude?”
“There’s a call for you in your office.” She’d been expecting a shipment of firearms sometime tonight.
“Perfect. Take over for a moment; I’ll be right back.” Marie replied, already making her way to her office in the back.

Theme Song: Killer Queen by Queen
Knows how to put lipstick on like Molly Ringwald
Is ridiculously good at Poker and Pool
Fluent in German and Russian


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Marie Estelle Bouvier Empty Re: Marie Estelle Bouvier

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Accepted, now make the Bar Dumort thread

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