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July (Charlie Wight)
September 18th


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Charlie's skin is constantly covered by burns that heal and reburn over and over due to his conduit gene. He stands 5'9, fairly skinny due to not having much freedom of movemen for 6 of the past 7 years of his life. Black hair, bandages and eyes that change color and flicker with light he is a very distinct individual. He still wears clothes, they're usually ripped, burned, or just generally dirty.

Firework Manipulation
Power Level:
:Power Abilities:
Roman Candles: Shots of hot light shot out of his hand at varying speeds
Sparklers: Charlie's hands light up with hundred of hot sparks. This can cover his whole body.
Bottle Rocket: Charlie launches into the air at incredible speeds, leaving a trail of light behind him, making a small explosion once he reaches his desired height.
Pop-pop!: Charlie can shoot larger fireworks out of his hands that explode brightly and loudly after a few seconds.
Fizzle: Generate almost enough lift to hover, letting him fall safely and slowly from any high.
Smoke Bomb: A ridiculous amount of smoke pours out of Charlie's body of various colors.
Grande Finale: Charlie performs the Bottle Rocket attack at his target, and explodes brightly with several smaller bursts and pops following upon impact, reforming after a few seconds.

-Extensive knowledge of burn treatment
-Master of the tuck and roll
-Fluent in tangents
-Can make a mean complete breakfast if given the tools and the cereal.

A variety of bandages and burn ointments
Swimming goggles
more bandages, oh god so many extra bandages and GAUZE DID I MENTION THE GAUZE?

No longer in his totally right mind, Charlie has lost all inhibition. He doesn't fear crowds, public speaking, knives or guns. His fears are much more mundane. Things like syringes, hospital equipment, any and all things BDSM related, doctors and nurses. His mind has been jumbled after the years kept inside and bombarded by both electric shocks and ray field radiation 'therapy' for his psychosis he wasn't aware he had. (spoilers, he was perfectly healthy!) Now his train of thought is off the track, he can't help but be happy and he's taken kindly to the misfortune of others.

His speech varies wildly in pitch and flows at random speeds. He could extend a word for a full five seconds or say whole paragraphs in the same period of time. Generally, the more drawn out a word is, the higher in pitch and louder it ends up being. He often trails off on tangents of thought before always looping back to the point at hand at some point or another in a conversation. He's a very big fan of metaphors and a good simile every now and again.

(Formerly) The First Sons
Charlie was one of the first people taken off of the streets by the First sons after a sudden change in leadership had them focusing on those with this so called 'Conduit gene'. Of course, he was unaware of this, he thought that he was simply taken out of class one day because of some anonymous tip that he had tried to kill himself. He hadn't tried, so he assumed it was a prank but the school sent him to an institution where he remained for 6 years with an apparent condition he did not have. The treatments for this fake condition were just as fabricated.

He was exposed to ray field energy, it would burn his skin and send sparks flying off of his body and sometimes even fill the room with smoke. He was always bound by leather straps to keep him from reacting to the incredible amounts of pain he was in. He was only 13 when it started, and the desired results obviously weren't being achieved. They took to trying to influence things with him, sometimes running electricity through his body, other times submerging him in poos of water or even dipping him into a weird tar like substance that left him more messed up every dunk he took in it. All while these things happened, he would exhibit a similar affect. His skin would burn, sparks would fly out of his arms, sometimes a projectile of light would fly out and even rarer the room would mysteriously fill with smoke. He didn't understand what was going on until he was 15, when they had given up on trying to influence his powers.

And now the observing began. They took him to other parts of the facility, gave him targets to hit, dark rooms to light up with his fireworks, and an atrium that he could try to fly in. He often hit the top of the dome and bounced back down unconscious, but the fall never seemed to hurt him despite being a 45 foot drop. At this point, he had constantly burnt skin. He had to be put under before the doctors could get near him, do to him developing a fear of them after so many years of them bombarding his skin with radiation, shocking him, drowning him in various substances and injecting all manner of things. It was a bad time.

Eventually, he was allowed out of the facility and he took the opportunity to run. Unbeknownst to him, it had been 6 years and he was 19 years old. Oh, and some sort of bomb had gone off and the empire he knew was no more. He burst out of his handler's hands and into the night sky, exploding brightly with a shout of joy before realizing he had no idea where he was. He recognized the historic district, but everything was different. He made his way through the streets, his grotesque looks scaring everyone and his obvious conduit status seemingly acting as a magnet for bricks. He did what he could, robbing pharmacy's of their burn creams and gauze. Some goggles to make his eyes less tear when he rocketed through the sky and whatever else he might need. He felt that lighting cigarettes with his hands would be cool, but it lead to an addiction.

A year has past since his release. He has remained in the historic district, locals call him July because of his fourth-of-July style powers, his usually smiling face and the fact they don't know his real name. They fear him, since he has taken more than a few lives for seemingly no reason, but he hasn't gone on any killing sprees so far, so there tolerate him more than immediately post blast.

:Roleplay Sample:
"And I said BANG!"
The conduit of man made thunder shouted, letting a burst of light and sound go off in the small crowd that was around him. He wasn't a fan of the recent trend of the people of Empire City throwing rocks at his head and claiming he killed their loved ones. "I have haaahahaahaaaaad ENOUGH OF THIS! SO. WHAT? I just want to have a good time! Is that so bad, just a kid with nothing living out his dreams?" Charlie said, dramatically getting on his knees and grabbing a rock-thrower's hands. He grinned wildly at the poor girl and with a loud laugh, launched the two of them into the air, exploding brightly at the apex. Several more bursts of light littered the sky with resounding pops and whistles.

Several moments later, a charred, naked, and unrecognizable corpse fell to the streets and a torrent of sparks indicated that Charlie was slowly following suit. His laughter was almost as loud and annoying as the fireworks themselves. The crowd had scattered by the time he reached the ground, but upon landing Charlie took a bow anyways. "Ohhho you my darling, are too kind. I knew my performance was HOT, but not like that!" The conduit licked his fingers and touched the corpse and made a 'tssss' noise as he strutted into the dark night of the Warren to find somewhere to sleep.

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