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Post by DocTachyon on Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:21 am

Hi everyone,
I'm DocTachyon, but you can call me Doc, Tach, Tachyon, Doctor, Douchebag, whatever floats your boat! You'll notice that a lot of people around here call me Legs, namely, Ex, Reap, Cucky, Megz, and Gorma. That's because I used to go by legolosarrow on the old forum(which will always be talked about ambiguously and never be linked to) when I was even edgier than I am now. I'm a highschool junior, which means I lack intelligence like a child, and am the point from which all edgieness in the Universe originates. I want to be an author so you'll notice that sometimes I tryhard a bit on my posts/characters, though most of the time I'm a lazy little shit.
You'll also notice that I seem to want to make an... Excessive amount of characters. On the o,d site, I had 20+. Basically, whenever I see a power I think is cool, I'm like oooh, I'll make a character with that, now!
As far aw other interesting things about me... Well, I was an admin for 20 minutes and helped set up the site. I have the power to accept characters. Video games are my jam. I make excessive references all the time(as is indicated by the House reference in the title), much to the chagrin of anyone that interacts with me.
Anyways, I hope to have fun RPing with you, whoever is reading this post!

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