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Oliver Trance and Lilith Fredya


June 21st

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Oliver, before the Incident
Before the unfortunate occurrence which has made him who he is today, Oliver had considered himself to be fairly average looking. Dark hair, dark eyes and narrow glasses, complete with usually wearing a suit for the performances in which he played for.

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Oliver after merging consciousness with Lilith
The only actual side effect of the Lilith's conduit gene turning his eyes red, post their merging Lilith's influence caused Oliver to unwillingly shift his appearance to be more fashionable and quite feminine. She dyed his hair for him to be white and to pick out more 'trendy' or hip clothing that suited her taste more than his own. He's given up fighting for dominance when it comes to appearance, it's a war he cannot win. He's 5'8.


Synesthia with a "Learn" add on
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:Power Level:

:Power Abilities:

Legato - Playing the violin, bursts of sharp color are sent out to slash a nearby object or enemy

Markato - More aggressive bursts of color swarm around individuals and force them down, holding them there until they quickly shimmer away

Harmonize - Combines with Learn. By witnessing and or experiencing another Conduit's abilities, he can mimic the appearance, feeling, and destructive ability in his usual violin playing

Ricochet Saltato - If he plays at the right moment, he can create a wall of color in front of him to block a conduit's attack. Rather than sending the ability back at the opponent though, it sends him back at the same momentum and velocity as the strike or attack.

Tremolo/Devil's Fiddle - Playing an eerie, fast crescendo, Oliver can speed through a city fairly quickly by maintaining the music, colors swirling around him push him forward at an accelerated speed.

Sul Ponticello - Increasing pitch on his violin, Oliver can sprout butterfly wings to propel him upwards. Cannot fly, this is just a way to 'double jump' multiple times or to save himself from a long fall.

Illustrate - Non violent, can create certain images with his colors i.e. flowers.

-Street Fighting (Uses Violin or Legs while playing to fight)
-Can run and do light parkour while playing the Violin
-Painting/Tag artist
-Fiddle and Violinist
-Make-up enthusiast

Reinforced Violin
Spare Violin Strings
Spray Paint cans
Heroin + Syringes
Make-up bag

Oliver and Lilith split hairs so frequently that these days it's hard to tell what makes up Oliver and what makes up Lilith. Originally, Oliver was a depressive, he focused solely on his music and his career and soullessly taught it at the local Empire University. His love of fairy tales drove him into Lilith's arms originally, yearning for something where he could end up being prince charming and rescue a princess, so he's far from being realistic. His lacking sense of worth allowed for Lilith to abuse him, often blaming himself for her being upset than acknowledging the facts.

After Lilith and he merged, so too did their personalities to an extent. Oliver now frequently shifts from being bubbly, cocky, arrogant and all around playful to being suicidal and overly emotional. Before, the lack of energy he felt due to being a depressive made him lazy, giving him no energy to put forth into the day or to complete certain tasks he'd needed to. Now, it's like he has too much energy. Lilith's abusive nature mingling with her over-exertion and his sense of despair have given him a nigh bi-polar personality. Able to speak between Lilith's conscious and his own, to others he also appears to have a split personality as well.


Oliver lived in Empire City his entire life to two strict parents who watched him like a hawk. Violin practice was the only joy he was allotted, and there was no time in his schedule given for him to just be a kid. He was promptly enrolled into Empire University when he came of age, and graduated, of course, with honors and gold stars galore. His violin career started shortly thereafter, his composing talents becoming renowned in Empire City as he performed multiple concerts and gained a following of dozens of fans. However, he was still quite unhappy. Deciding to go back to the university to teach music was the first decision he'd ever been able to do for himself, tossing aside his parents finally with an emotional breakdown over the table at thanksgiving time.

At last, Oliver felt joy teaching students the wonders of music, how to write, compose, etc while still building his career as a musician and performing concerts regularly in the Empire City music hall. During his time teaching, he met a foreign exchange student from Prague. Lilith Fredya. She was enticingly beautiful, fresh, her free spirit and rebellious nature is what drew him to her like a moth to a flame. After a few dates, the two of them were in a relationship that was, for all intents and purposes, promising.

That was at least, until he discovered that Lilith is a heroin addict. He struggled with her to get sober, doing as much as he could to be a good boyfriend, in the back of his mind desiring to 'save' her. His attempts to help Lilith were met with contempt. That's when the abuse began. She began degrading him with her language, withholding her affection and neglecting him when he would come home, even attacking him on multiple occasions. Oliver desperately tried to reason with her, to stay with her as long as possible, taking the abuse and believing he deserved every moment of it.

The last straw finally came when Lilith snatched up his beloved violin worth half a million and sold it for drug money. She only got $400 for it, too. Oliver was extremely distraught. He came home to their shared apartment with her counting the money. He snapped and demanded to know where she got it, certain she was stealing from him in some form. She explained what she had done, sneering the whole time. He collapsed, sobbing, crumpled into himself. He didn't know what to do. He started shouting at her, calling her all sorts of filthy names and screaming for her to get the hell out of the apartment.

In a fit of rage, with everything happening at once, Lilith attacked Oliver again, her fingers wrapped around his throat, as the first blast went off in Empire City. Both of them had the conduit gene, Lilith's being to learn other conduits abilities, and Olivers to synthesize his music. What had occurred is when Lilith attacked him, she was unconsciously using her ability, requiring her to meld her mind to his in her specific way of performing it. What also happened is that while using it, her body was crushed by falling debris of the apartment.

Miraculously, Oliver survived, eventually learning that the two of them had merged, her consciousness now taking up extra space in his own head. He's unsure how to get rid of her and wants her gone as soon as possible. The problem is, he doesn't know how. What makes it worse though, is how badly Oliver had been trying, and is trying, to break up with her.

Due to their proximity, albeit unwilling, their relationship has become very on again, off again for obvious reasons.

:Roleplay Sample:
"...Ah," Oliver blinked his eyes multiple times, leaning over the sink to stare into the mirror. His hands held a very red tube of lipstick that he'd been in the middle of putting on himself. With a growl, he threw it down and promptly wiped away the stain on his lips that his 'roomate' had put on him. "I draw the line there. Absolutely not."
"Ohhh come on," His hand suddenly dropped, his voice more of a languid purr as his red eyes met his own in the mirror. "It looks good with the eyes. Don't you think?"
"No. NO." He scowled, his shoulder dropping. With a grunt, he turned away from the mirror and picked up his violin. "Enough, let's get out of here."

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