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Coraline Eva Constantine


October 13th

Coraline Eva Constantine 15815-10
Cory is 5’2 with a slim figure and grey eyes. She has dyed blue hair that was originally black. Her hair is always done up with braids or fancy pins and flowers. She usually wears cute dresses in cool toned colors with boots when she’s exploring. She wears a scarf that covers the bottom half of her face and hair when dropping off care packages. When at home or her garden she’s usually in shorts and crop tops or a romper and sandals. Her ferret  Eugene is all white and usually on her shoulder or in her satchel.


Plant Manipulation

Power Level:
Tier 3

:Power Abilities:
• Vines- can create vines to scale down buildings as well as grab things with though that takes serious concentration.
• Oak shield- can  quickly make a flat piece of wood roughly 2x2 as a shield though its level of sturdiness depends on the time used to make it
• Thorn Defense- can have vines with thorns pointed outward wrap around her arms and any other extremities as an extra form of protection.
• Puff puff pass- mushrooms grow and release spores that can disorient attackers.
• Bamboo- can make shoots of bamboo spring out of the ground at different angles.
• Creation- can make any plants she’s encountered before grow as well as make any that are rotting go back to being ripe. Can make plants grown and shrink with difficulty depending on the size of the plant. (Trees would take longer and more energy compared to flowers.)
• Stuck- can make small globs of sap or resin that can make things get stuck together
• Glow Up- can make bioluminescent fungi grow that glow in the dark.


Satchel used to carry
Seed Packets
Granola Bars (the tasty kind)
Garden Shears (the untasty kind)
Mini med kit
Ferret snacks

Cory is a kind but shy person. She’s the kind of person who’ll make you a very personal and thoughtful birthday gift but not be able to say anything when handing it to you. She can be very awkward at times but tries her best to act like an adult who knows what they’re doing most of the time. She is nonconfrontational and always polite. She gets nervous easily and can be the biggest scaredy cat. However she does work very well under pressure and even though she may be crying but she’ll get it done. She is very positive and tries to see the best in everyone’ even the people who terrify her.


Cory was born and raised in Empire City with her father where they lived together in a two room apartment. Her father was a well-known biologist and was usually away giving lectures or working with his colleagues so Cory spent most of her time alone and picked up different hobbies along the way. She did relatively well in school, following in her father’s footsteps and doing very well in science. She started a garden on the roof of her apartment building and with help from some of her neighbors. When she graduated high school, she left the city to study to become a Botanist. Her father had given her a Ferret as a graduation present which Cory had promptly named Eugenius Warming Constantine. Eugene is her close companion and never far away from Cory.
She spent some time abroad as well before returning to visit her father in Empire City only to find him missing. The visit had been a surprise but no matter how long Cory had waited her father still wouldn’t return to the apartment. And then the blast occurred.
After the blast Cory had awakened with a gash on her forehead, Eugene curled up next to her and grass growing underneath her. It took her a little while to realize that a. she wasn’t dead, and b. she had powers but once she did she was ecstatic. She had been terrified to leave the safety of the apartment building seeing as the rest of the city had fallen to shit so Cory spent a lot of time practicing with her powers and scouring through all the paperwork her father had left behind, trying to find a clue about his whereabouts.
After some time, Cory had begun exploring the city after building confidence with her abilities. Seeing people in need she has taken to dropping off care packages of fruits and vegetables to any people she encounters though always anonymously and in secret. She had also figured out that her father was involved with the First Sons though she still hasn’t found him but continues to look.

:Roleplay Sample:
“What’s in your mouth. Eugenius Warming Constantine what is in your mouth.” The small ferret only continued to scurry farther into the garden with what looked like a shiny wrapper in its mouth. Cory sighed and followed behind her little pet noting that her sunflowers needed to be watered as she passed by them.
Eugene scurried past a Red Abyssinian Banana plant and Cory sighed. He was always trying to hide shiny things around the garden and while it was fine in the apartment she didn’t want anything messing with the soil.
“Put it down. Put it-“ Eugene whimpered and Cory immediately fell quiet. He never whimpered. Cory slowly parted the wide leaves  of the Red Abyssinian and froze. Past the edge of the roof below in the alleyway was an assortment of Reapers with tar dripping down their faces and guns at hand. Eugene dropped his wrapper and scurried back toward Cory who quickly scooped him up. She let the leaves close and quietly back tracked.
No, no, no, no, NO. Ok calm down, maybe they’re actually really nice and like...funny?
Cory heard a shriek and quickly made her way farther into the garden behind her. Maybe they were nice, who knows? There was another shriek and she suddenly wasn’t feeling super inclined to find out.

Theme Song: Northern Downpour by Panic! At The Disco  
Thinking about Marley & Me makes her cry.
Can make little wooden figures.
Is very good at cutting and styling hair


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