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Theresa Reategi a.k.a Terra


February 14th

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She’s 5’6, curvy, with wavy black hair and amber eyes. She has the red marks on her eyes all Templars do. She usually wears dark pants, boots, a t-shirt and a doctor’s coat with the sleeves rolled up when working at the clinic. Her hair is usually up in a bun or a ponytail. When outside she’ll replace her doctor’s coat for a jacket and put her hair in braids or just have it down. She has a burn mark on the side of her left arm.



Power Level:
Tier 1

:Power Abilities:
Levitation- can lift off the ground about a foot or two.
Manipulation- can make small to medium objects move in any direction.

Treating wounds
Convincing people to take their medication

Beretta strapped to her thigh
Swiss Army Knife

Terra is a very cautious person; she doesn’t like to take unnecessary risks. She used to be a very hopeful person with lots of motivation and this shows through sometimes but now she’s more stressed than anything in between having to deal with wounded people most days and keeping her powers a secret. It is very difficult to gain her trust though she is very caring to the people around her. She’s thoughtful but still very reserved. When she gets frustrated she can be very bitter and is very silent with her anger.


Theresa was born to two immigrant parents in New Marais. She had a large family and grew up in a very loving environment. She was very dedicated to her studies and graduated high school early at 16. She went to medical school to study Pediatric Surgery and begin her residency at Bayview Hospital in Empire City.
And then the worst day of her life occurred.
While doing her rounds in the Pediatric department the first blast hit. One of the nurses had her powers activated to disastrous effects. The nurse had lava begin to spill out of her and in her panic shot it everywhere, including at the patients. Terra watched as the young patients she’d grown to care for be engulfed in flames. She got burned trying to help them and was resolute from that day on that conduits were dangerous.
She joined the Templars having been enamored with Dimitris ideology and charisma and began working as a doctor in the prison in the Warren. She felt set in her convictions. That is until she started noticing that objects would move when she was upset. It wasn’t until she had floated a foot of the ground when trying to grab bandages off of a shelf that she came to terms with what was happening. She was a conduit and her powers, though delayed, were definitely developing. She tries her best to keep it a secret though it’s been getting harder and harder over time.

:Roleplay Sample:
Theresa stared at the medicine cabinet across the room from her seat, contemplating whether standing up to get it was worth it when she felt this exhausted. She glanced at her newest patient resting on the hospital cot with a multitude of bandages covering them and sighed. She stood up and crossed the room. She opened the medicine cabinet and let out a yawn as she reached for the pill bottle.
Only to grab nothing. Terra snapped to attention.
“Where is…”
She looked up. The pill bottle was floating. A foot above her.
Terra heard her patient groan and she snatched it out of the air, heart thumping in her chest.

Theme Song: A Dios Le Pido by Juanes
Speaks Spanish and Portuguese
Her hair does the Studio Ghibli thing when she’s upset


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