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Post by DocTachyon on Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:14 pm

Character Power Levels

On infamous RPG, we don't operate on a points system as many role-play sites of our ilk do. This is because of the sheer variability of the various kinds of powers that each Conduit can have. Instead, we're opted to create 'Power Tiers' that can be progressed through by way of Blast Cores awarded at Moderator discretion. The power levels are as follows. Please note that new members may only create characters of Tier Three or lower to start. Regulars may create characters at Tier Four to start, or higher at Moderator discretion.

Character Tiers:

Tier 1
Max Destructive Power: Windows, Desks, Chairs
Example: Average Human, New Conduit
Available: At Creation

Tier 2
Max Destructive Power: Walls, Doors
Example: Human Athlete, Rookie Conduit
Available: At Creation/via Blast Core

Tier 3
Max Destructive Power: Small Room
Example: Peak Human, Amateur Conduit
Available: At Creation/via Blast Core

Tier 4
Max Destructive Power: Large Room
Example: Average Conduit
Available: At Creation/via Blast Core

Tier 5
Max Destructive Power: Small Building
Example: Experienced Conduit
Available: via Blast Core

Tier 6
Max Destructive Power: Large Building
Example: Powerful Conduit
Available: via Blast Core

Tier 7
Max Destructive Power: City Street
Example: Enhanced Conduit
Available: via Blast Core

Tier 8
Max Destructive Power: City Block
Example: Legendary Conduit
Available: via Blast Core

Tier 9
Max Destructive Power: Small Town
Example: Unstoppable Conduit
Available: SWP-only

Tier 10
Max Destructive Power: Small City
Example: Arch-Conduit
Available: SWP-only

Power Tier Progression:

When looking to advance a character in power level, an application must be submitted within the 'Unaccepted Characters' section with the phrase 'Power Upgrade Application' in the title. When upgrading, two items will be doled out in-roleplay: Either a Blast Shard or a Blast Core. A Blast Shard will simply afford an upgrade in power level, and allow a character to move through the tiers. A Blast Core will grant a new ability of some kind - this new ability MUST be related to the original ability, bar admin discretion. The application will be as follows:

Link to Original Character Sheet:
Power Upgrade Requested: How much stronger would you like your character to become? BE SPECIFIC! Use this section only for upgrades to pre-existing powers. Remember to keep this within the bounds of the tier you are upgrading to. One blast shared will afford one upgrade in tier.
New Powers:What new powers would you like? Describe them in detail. They must be related to the original ability, bar admin discretion. This new ability must be at the same tier of your current powers or below - or, if requesting a tier upgrade in this section as well, at the tier requested.

Once this sheet is completed, a Moderator will post it in the comments below your old character sheet.

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