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Post by MCJagger on Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:21 pm

Name: Orion Kjellson

Age: 16

Gender: M

DOB: April 22

Height: 6 ft 4 1/2 in. or 195.072 cm
Build: Orion is on a very strict diet and workout program his fathers scientists designed to help him use his powers to their fullest potential. He is very muscular but not to a point where he looks like a peak human or steroid user. He has a very deep voice that suprises a lot of people. He has long almost shoulder length semi curly long brown hair that grows very fast. He has a fair complexion and sunburns easily. for clothes he usually wears cargo pants in almost every s h a d e of gray imaginable ($_$) and usually wears a green plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off in almost every shade or tint of green imaginable. (Will add pictures soon)
He also has an oblong face and gray-green eyes.

Race: Conduit

Powers: Clay-Brick or Lutumkinesis

Power Level: 4

Power Abilities
Clay Limb-Uses the Clay in a conduit to turn specific body parts into weapons or shields.
Hardened Shot-Clay shoots out of a conduits hands and hardens when it hits a target, can turn into a construct after hitting target.
Clay Construct-Either creates a clone of himself or a small to mid-size animal. If he closes his eyes he can share vision with his constructs.
Clay Separation-Clay disassembles and moves any direction before reassembling
Clay Launchers- Clay hardens and floats up picking him up and allowing him to hover for a short time.

-Sticking to what he believes in
-Free Running
-Talking his way out of conflicts
-Making pizza

- 2 handed retractable hammer
- one strap backpack
- " borrowed butchers knife"
- cell phone
- portable phone charger
- "borrowed" credit card that is NOT from his dads place
- drivers license
- gray scarf that he got from his mother

Personality Trait
- Quiet
- Clumsy
- Brave
- Loyal
- Stubborn
- Humble
- Thoughtful

None but never DUP

Orion's Parents divorced just before he was born. This caused Orion to witness a bad environment and how people move on so Orion personally has no problem dealing with heavy stuff like a divorce or other bad breakup. Orion first exhibited powers at the age of 8
in his fathers estate shooting clay at one of his many workers. His father was not disappointed at having a conduit son and had a unit of elite scientists and ex soldiers to help Orion train his "gift". This is how he got a retractable 2 handed hammer and a portable phone charger. (You guess which one Orion suggested and what one his Father did) His father did not make his multi millions traditionally he actually just one a massive lottery prize while he was drunk. After Orion got his license and was decently strong in conduit terms and a god among humans.

Orion after that has been on the run ever since the D.U.P and First Sons learned of them. The only place he is completely safe is at his fathers place because money runs the world.

Orion has not lived a completely sheltered life because of his massive amount of money though he can pretty much pay anyone else to stay away from them unless they really want to kill him, which happens a lot.

RP Sample - ples go ez on me I'm new to this kind of thing.
Orion angrily screamed as the D.U.P ran after him threw the poorly lit alley. "Fuck you you little bitch" He said as he quickly turned around and punched a dup soldier in the face as hard as he could. Never the less the poor man flew into another soldier as they both passed out on the puddle covered asphalt. "Wow dude better luck next time" Orion thought as he launched a clay pigeon into the air to look for more pursuers. Orion waited for five minutes sitting on the passed out soldier wondering how he can seriously hurt more people that are just following orders.

Orion leaves Seattle and decides to go back to Minnesota before heading to a town called Empire City.

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