The Best of the Worst (Closed)

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The Best of the Worst (Closed) Empty The Best of the Worst (Closed)

Post by ReaptheMusic on Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:56 pm

War had completed her first objective; secure a Reaper disguise. Sure it hadn't been what she intended on first when she went to the bar but she was getting impatient. Rather, her superiors were getting impatient. If she had to listen to her honcho bark orders at her through a special cell phone that worked within the cities broken limits one more time, she was going to break every window in her shitty makeshift headquarters of an abandoned building. The Stylist didn't pick up his phone either, as she'd suspected. She was left on her own to pull herself together. Her pale nature worked for this particular disguise and drawing in darkened veins by smudging some eyeliner had been simple enough, and finding a pair of ratty jeans in the gutter went perfectly. So long as she kept her head down, her long white hair tucked in a messy bun with her hood up and her tall figure hunched, she fancied herself blending right in. The tar that man had expelled in closer quarters would be tough to mimic. The best she could do was some packs of jelly from an abandoned diner and even then the blackberry preserves that gushed from her lips didn't seem to have the right consistency. She kept several in her pocket to bite down on and periodically spew on her trip in.

The AK-47 she'd taken off the victim at the bar was carefully emptied of bullets and put on safety around her shoulders. This was an intel mission after all, she wasn't here to cause casualties for the sick that could be potentially cured. She glared into her own eyes at the mirror as she donned her hood. What kind of monster put these civilians under such mental stress that they become squalling creatures like the one she'd taken down?

- - -

War kept her head down, slipping past the ranks of what seemed to be the Reaper headquarters. Trepidation rose in the hairs of her arms, did she smell right? Did she sound right making those awful shrieks that mimicked the others? Regardless, she seemed to push through fine. She'd keep her head down as she trudged past the first of the defenses. Somehow, she needed to see the leader of the reapers with her own eyes.

The Best of the Worst (Closed) ReaptheMusic

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