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March 25

Thomas is a tall, gaunt man who's used to being overlooked by the citizenry as a whole. He doesn't look exceptional, in appearance, with somewhat pale skin and hazel eyes. His dark hair is usually tied back to keep it from falling in his face too much, or to interfere with his hat. He's typically seen in the same clothes: worn leather boots and gloves, over padded trousers and a shirt, with a burlap trenchcoat to ward off rain and heat alike, tattered though it is. He also has taken to wearing a very broadbrimmed hat to hide his features, to better pass unnoticed. His powers help with that, in some ways. His hat covers up an oddity: He has slightly pointed ears, as a mutation from the Blast. His gear, coupled with his crossbow and claymore, make him have a tendency to look like a Hunter.


Thomas has sonikinetic abilities, meaning he has power over sound. He has absolute, almost subconscious control over the sound he generates, be it walking, clapping, singing, or otherwise, but it gets more limited when it comes to the sounds of other people, and it takes effort on his part to limit, control, or redirect the noises of other people. Somehow controlling other people's sound gets easier when he gets their permission. Thomas also bears a crossbow and a claymore for combat purposes (Crossbow has infinite ammo, see power abilities)

Power Level:
Tier 1, barely, as his powers are hardly destructive at all.

:Power Abilities:

~Perfectly Soundless Stealth - As Thomas has control over any noise he generates, whenever he chooses he can just not make a sound. This extends to anything he is touching, like creaky stairs, falling into a dumpster, and firing his crossbow. It does nothing to prevent him from being seen, but should he wish, he cannot be heard by others, without impairing his own ability to hear

~Sonic Bolts: As of this point in Thomas' storyline, Thomas is able to generate and fire bolts of sonic energy. However, he doesn't really have much refined control over these bolts, and as far as he is aware, can't reliably fire them. So what he does is he dry fires his crossbow (That is to say, no bolts are loaded into the crossbow upon firing), and uses the noise generated by the crossbow to be fired as a bolt of sonic energy. A direct hit from this bolt does equivalent damage to a rubber bullet. Additionally, there is a sonic blast (radius 7 feet) from the point of impact of the bolt, and the bolt's "trail" additionally has a minor sonic blast radius similar to a sonic boom generated by jets, though much weaker.

~Thomas' ears are both resistant to the negative effects of sound as well as capable of hearing farther, more clearly, than an ordinary person.

~Sonic Stomp (UNDISCOVERED POWER): Thomas has this power, but doesn't know he can do it. Slamming his foot into the ground, he uses the sound generated by the action to cause a shockwave. 4 foot radius

~Sonic Clap (UNDISCOVERED POWER): Similar to Sonic Stomp, except he claps. 4 foot radius.

~Shout (Somewhat discovered): Thomas knows he is able to extend the volume of his voice, making a megaphone redundant, but he doesn't realize the full potential of this ability. With this power, he can shout a wave of sonic force to push enemies back (range, 20 feet, 3 ft wide cone of energy with at most enough force as being tossed a 20 pound sack of dirt)

~Resourceful. Being homeless will do that to you, developing all sorts of little tricks to stay alive, up to and including managing to make oneself disappear in crowds, to blend in, and to become unnoticed.

~Quick thinker, not easily flummoxed

~Hardy, able to go longer than most without food or water, as he's been through that shit before.

He lifted a crossbow and a claymore out of a museum after it closed down, for self defence purposes. When the quarantine hit Empire City, laws became a non-issue for people, so Thomas stole to protect his own life, and took to the Warrens to hide.

Thomas is not above violence when the time comes, but he abhorrs it all the same, seeking to avoid conflict when he can. That said, if he finds someone being hurt, it's difficult for him to keep from at least wanting to help them. He has a sense of honor, and is a bit of a romantic, but is also sour and bitter with the world around him. He has a tendency to suspect the worst of people first, as he has found himself to be proven wrong less frequently that way, and to better appreciate the minor surprise when someone proves him wrong. He is dry, sardonic, and a touch self-deprecating, aware of his place in the world. And while he does not like it, he doesn't see himself being able to fix or improve on it, so he has, to a degree, accepted it. He is also highly impatient when he is dealing with what he feels are foolish people. Has a tendency to reminisce about life pre-conduits, which he refers to as "simpler times, when all I had to worry about was keeping a job, and a roof over my head. Nowadays I don't have either of those things, and have to worry about getting murdered by a guy shooting lasers or something."

Others affiliate him with the Dust Men due to living in proximity with them, but he and the Dust Men are not, in fact, allied, merely "tolerating" each others' existence with a live and let live mindset. Thomas is on nobody's side, because nobody is on his side.

Before the blast, Thomas wasn't anybody special. He'd argue that that's the one thing that hasn't really changed since then. He had a small job, he had a small apartment, he had a small amount of food. After the Blast, he lost all of that. And when he realized he was a Conduit, he fled, fearing that he would be persecuted as a freak. It had been some time since the blast, and already his pessimistic and dire mood worsened. The only difference was, he was armed now. He could defend himself, at least. That had to count for something.

Back when the Quarantine hit Empire City, the "civility" of the city went to absolute crap, and so he took to trying to figure out ways to utilize his abilities to defend himself. He hasn't gotten particularly great at it yet, and at one point, raided a museum for tools to use, to aid in his defense. Some people would criticize him for stealing. He'd criticize them for not thinking with survival in mind. That said, he has been taking some time to try and improve his sonic abilities, for his own sake, if nothing else.

:Roleplay Sample:
Hidden amongst the brown and gray heaps of garbage in the warren was a fleck of more brown. Perfectly unnoticeable, and perfectly plain. Then the garbage shifted, and a gloved hand grabbed a hat, setting it down on on it's owner's head. Thomas soon left the little home he had made for himself, and started to head into the city proper. I've been getting tired of how the Dust Men have been treating the citizenry. Terrorizing and demanding resources from them. Can't those idiots see we're all trapped in this rathole together? Thomas sighed as he heard a scream, readying his crossbow, his claymore sheathed on his back. Maybe it's time I do something about it...

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Thomas, Hunter of Sound Empty Re: Thomas, Hunter of Sound

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All good to go! Post away!

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Thomas, Hunter of Sound Empty Re: Thomas, Hunter of Sound

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