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Post by CuckyKabuki on Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:21 am

Gristle (Codename, and accepted name.), also called CGE00822.

Physically, anywhere from 19-25.


(Image and Brief description. Real life Models will not be accepted.)



Power Level: Tier 4

:Power Abilities:
Recycle: Gristle shifts muscle mass in his body to create the intended effect.
Reduce: Gristle ejects mass from his body in the form of hard, dense orbs which decreases his muscle mass.
Reuse: Thin, but strong lengths of muscle and connective tissue shoot out of Gristle's body, and retract when needed. With his usual body mass, he can make around 100-120 ft of tissue. He can create several of these, and make them very sharp if need be.
Ewwwww: Without even thinking about it, Gristle has unconscious control over his own muscles and connective tissue, allowing him to do things like bend his fingers backward, and spin his hands like drills. It isn't really a combat ability, but it's super gross.
Under Pressure: Every muscle in Gristle's body tenses up ridiculously, rendering him immobile but able to resist damage much easier. Localized use is possible, but much more difficult than full body.
Crayola Model Magic: Gristle is capable of softening his muscles to almost a liquid consistency. While that degree is almost never useful, he can use this ability to survive falls, contort better, etc.

Eating ridiculous amounts of food
Delicate tasks
Grossing people out

Large knapsack which is filled with clothes, random raw bits of meat, tools, and things that he thinks are cool
Paint Cans
Two knives
A set of tools, screwdrivers, pliers, name it, he probably has it.
A chain
Random jewelry

Gristle is rather boisterous for someone of his appearance, and is far more friendly than his shadowy face and glowing eyes would probably give off at first. He's very polite, very kind, and tends to give people he thinks of as friends random gifts of jewelry, weapons, and other things he picks up on his scavenges. It's also rather obvious within a few minutes of meeting him that Gristle's not as developed as he should be. He acts, and sounds, much younger than he should. He has a tendency to be very physical with his affection, hugging, poking, patting and generally touching his "friends."

Gristle is highly artistically inclined and will begin drawing on the ground in chalk whenever idle. He carries around several cans of spray paint for this exact reason, going around and graffiti-ing walls, cars, and other things as he pleases without much care for the law or personal property. He finds many things to be pretty or cool, and will do a lot of things for A LOT OF THINGS. This typically includes theft, but has amounted to murder before which Gristle is absolutely acclimated to.

Due to his upbringing, death and murder, as well as other forms of atrocity mean nothing to him really. He doesn't have a very great grasp of societal norms, and the ones he does know, he doesn't care about. He frequently will kill and drain people of their muscle tissue and other connective bits. And then he just haphazardly leaves their gross floppy corpse anywhere, as he also does not fear repercussion for his actions. Most people that attempt to rebuke Gristle wind up six feet under.

He takes a certain joy in freaking people out with his powers, and will often show off to children, passersby, people working, anyone. Just for fun.


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