Bīngshuāng 'Shua' Níngméng - Work In Progress, not ready to turn in yet

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Bīngshuāng 'Shua' Níngméng - Work In Progress, not ready to turn in yet Empty Bīngshuāng 'Shua' Níngméng - Work In Progress, not ready to turn in yet

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:Name: Bīngshuāng 'Shua' Níngméng (Ice Lemon) [Family Name]

:Age: 19

:DOB: March 15th

Bīngshuāng 'Shua' Níngméng - Work In Progress, not ready to turn in yet 5be11f3ee2cf5bc0df480701d67ade93
:Appearance: This young woman of Chinese-American descent has eyes the color of blue slate, with fair skin and shoulder-length hair dyed a bubble-gum pink and curled at the ends. Of average height and very skinny, she appears far more innocent than reality would dictate.

She favors shirts that have some form of slogan on them, such as 'Shut up and Sleep' or 'Let there be Cheese', usually after ensuring that each has one long sleeve and one short. Bold colors meant to grab attention are worn more often than not and she has a penchant for collecting odd hats, her favorite being a simple straw hat with a pink band around the top. A pair of worn jeans with numerous pen drawings on them and battered sneakers complete her ensemble.


Toon Force (The Plausible Imposible)
Rule of Funny - The Rule of Funny bestows several quirks, positive and negative, that Shua must live with in concordance with her powers. These quirks and abilities are limited to only defying the laws of physics and cannot rewrite them in in way (gravity still pulls down, even if it takes a really long time to do so). Abilities may be limited for use only when it is funny.

--Acme Arsenal (Proficiency with improbable weapons such as anchors, bananas, towels and books)

--X-Ray Sparks (A significant electrical or static shock will illuminate Shua's bones to make her appear as a skeleton for as long as the electrical current flows)

--The Map is Upside Down (At times Shua's sense of direction will go completely out the window, leaving her three or so wrong turns from where she intended to go)

--You Had to Say it (In the same vein as 'The Map is Upside Down', there will be times where irony shows it has a sense of humor. Claiming that the sky is crystal clear and that she doesn't need an umbrella, for example, all but ensures that a rainstorm will localize over Shua's block)

--Screw Gravity (Gravity may ignore her at times, such as sawing off a tree limb may cause the tree to fall, with the limb still floating in place)

--Wild Take (Especially when high strung, surprise may be met with eyes popping out and screaming, jaw stretching to hit the floor,  or tearing from the room to leave a Shua-shaped hole in the wall)

--Exaggeration (A distinct aura exhibits Shua's emotions and thoughts as localized weather conditions within her personal space. This may include drooling like a literal faucet at the scent of a favored food, sunlight and the sound of birds chirping when overly happy, a fiery aura in her eyes or a thundercloud over her head when angered, freezing aura when emotionally cold or has cold-intent, a localized rain cloud when saddened, whipping winds when scared or frightened. This attains to general outlook and decision-making as well, taking on angelic or devilish features depending on mindset. These two aspects may manifest on her shoulders in times of great indecision, usually making the situation worse with their bickering)

--Oh Look, a Knife (A fallback of the Whoopi Cushion ability, Shua may not feel pain until she realizes that she has been injured. Abilities that are specifically meant to cause pain can overcome this quirk, and may leave her ignorant of serious or disabling injuries when they first occur)

--Don't Look Down (Shua can walk on air, provided it is from a ledge of some kind, in a straight horizontal line and only for as long as she resists looking at the ground. At that point she would fall as normal)

--Non-Lethal K.O. (While Shua can use her abilities to harm or injure, she cannot use them to kill. While the ability is something of a pulled punch, such as smashing someone into the ground with an anvil hard enough to leave an imprint while only leaving them unconscious, they may still be killed by natural causes or an outside force such as a third party or inaction.

--(Undiscovered) Viewing Audience (Shuaa becomes aware that the universe she lives in is a fictional one, limited to be only aware of this fact and may come across as odd to observers. May be linked to all of the senses)

Power Level:
Tier 3

:Power Abilities:
-Wheel o' Feet: Shua's feet rapidly spin in a loop that resembles a unicycle rider,  to grant her drastically increased speed over short distances. Tends to make her literally run in place for a few seconds to build up speed, which however makes the actual run more difficult to control. Due to Rule of Funny, this is accompanied by the sound of bongos for an unknown reason.

-Behind the Back: Shua can utilize a pocket dimension of sorts located in the small of her back, which she can use to store objects and retriee with relative ease. Should this pocket be emptied of store items Shua can reach back to produce objects made of her own energy that will disappear with time or after use, seemingly at random. Known items include (mouse traps, boxing glove, bed springs, artificial rock, dehydrated boulder, fly paper, giant rubber band). If Shua is unable, or refuses, to speak then this item might instead be a small wooden sign. These signs can be used to communicate with scrawled comments and questions, with flipping the sign showing additional messages and may change each time it is flipped.

-Whoopi Cushion: Shua's durability is that of a cartoon used to an existance of falling anvils and slamming into the side of cliffs. Her ability to resist damage allows her to take numerous hits (of equivalent force) before dropping. This is not a perect defense as she can only take so much damage before serious harm becomes an issue, and may be stunned during 'reformation' if flattened or similar. This compactiveness comes from the toon's ability to stretch and mold their limbs to a degree such as surviving flattening, stretching, expansion and compression, however this is only damage absorption and still hurts like hell. There is a limit to how far she can stretch and is primarily defensive, though she can use this to reinflate after being flattened by a heavy object such as when purposely attempting to squeeze beneath a door. At higher levels, this may extend to small explosions which would leave her covered in soot with only her blinking eyes visible. Even if Shua is durable and strong willed enough to last longer than most other people, taking enough damage without medical treatment could still cause her immense health problems and even death. On a side note, this expansive capability allows her to devour cakes several times her own size while still being able to compress back to her normal form. Being flattened seems to produce the sound of an accordion, perhaps due to the Rule of Funny. Advanced: Cartoon Physics extends at higher levels to acts such as swallowing a box of bullets and rapidly firing them by spitting them out like a machine gun.

-Cutaway: Using a tunnel or doorway, existing or painted/drawn, Shua can transport to another location. This may also be utilized at higher levels with picture frames, storybooks or television. While designed for travel, this may be used with practiced in combat by using it to move about during a fight. This ability, which seems to be related to the subspace pocket, allows Shua at this time to transport only herself and what she is wearing/carrying to another location roughly on the other side of the room, or a few city blocks with effort. This ability will not save someone from a fall as the inertia would still be present on the other side, and due to Rule of Funny may abruptly pop out of things far too small to hold her (such as a mailbox).

(Undiscovered) Advanced/Tier 5: Can transport from one side of a field to the other, or several miles. Able to bring along several people or heavy objects (Refridgerator). Expert/Tier 7: Can transport thousands of miles or to the nearest continent, and can take a small crowd or a very heavy object (Vehicle). Master/Tier 9: Transport anywhere on the planet as well as large crowds or small buildings (House). Maximum/Tier 10: Can transport into illusionary locations such as cartoons or fictional settings, can transport large buildings (Skyscraper).

-Brake Check: An active variation of 'Don't Look Down', Shua can temporarily slow herself in mid-air provided she makes the conscious effort. Once she has come to a 'stop', falling will resume as normal if she has not yet reached the ground. Due to Rule of Funny, this ability is accompanied by the sound of screeching tires.

-Do You Feel Lucky?: Shua can modify certain items into ammunition, such as jelly bean firearm rounds, cream-pie homing missiles or mines that create instant-walls. May be limited to situations where it would be considered humorous.

--Prop Play (Such as taking a plastic cherry from the top of an ice cream truck and lighting the stem, throwing it before it explodes. Play on 'Cherry Bomb'. Another example would be to use sesame seeds to open a locked door, 'open sesame'. Must be humorous or a play on words to work).

-(Undiscovered) Zonk!: Shua can materialize solid words into the air in a letter or number format, such as a line of 'AHHHHH' railing towards a target during a controlled yell. This can be used in conjuncture with punches and kicks by saying comic action words such as 'POW' or 'BAM', which would project outward to add force to each hit. Oddly, attempted to swear in this manner will not only 'bleep' out the word, but cause a line of symbols to form instea (@# or !)

-(Undiscovered) Heads Up: Shua can perform a variant of her Behind the Back ability to summon large objects above her targets, such as anvils, safes and pianos that will do non-lethal damage upon striking. Advanced: Objects will track targets in motion as they fall.

- (Undiscovered) Spin Me Right Round: This allows Shua to spin her hat atop her head to treat it as helicopter propulsion, granting unstable flight for a time.

-(Undiscovered) Off the Wall: Shua has learned to animate the cartoon drawings on her fingernails, jeans, and nearby surfaces. They will move and act of their own volition but will cooperate, somewhat, with what Shua wants them to do. These living toons may be two-dimensional that can travel along walls and flat surfaces, or at higher levels become fully three-dimensional. Focus must be maintained or the toon will act as its drawn nature would depict, and so there is a limit to the number of toons Shua can control at one time. Advanced: At higher levels Shua can make herself completely flat as a wall as well, her physical body being represented by a stick figure of herself (Circle head, crudely scratched-out hair, limbs represented by lines). This form makes it easier to avoid attacks, save for attempts at being erased, and allow her to fit through narrow or flat surfaces as paper would. Requires a surface to travel upon, cannot be formed in the air itself.

-(Undiscovered) 3D Glasses: Shua uses her own energy to manifest toon-like tools and weapons, such as singing swords or rotating saw blades that whistle Yankee Doodle. Must have seen the object and have a good idea of how it functions and may include: Shields, barriers and barricades, walls, duplicates of self, restraints, vehicles, whips, anvils. Strength of these constructs depends on Shua's will and concentration, and may be limited by objects with complicated or moving parts.

-(Undiscovered) Who Needs a Phone Booth?: Shua can shift into a disguise extremely quickly, with playing the part coming almost second-nature. This ability allows for a shift in vocalization to match the part, however wearing different costumes may cause her to develop a different personality for each one.

-(Undiscovered) Karmic Bomb - Musical Number: Shua expands her Toonforce to envelop a small area, forcing (or at least attempting to compel) those around her to randomly break into song and dance. Their actions at that point may be guided but not overtly controlled, and the people involved may or may not be aware of/question what is happening. Effectivenes distinctly lowered against targets that cannot hear, as the music is highly contagious while the ability is in effect.

-Skilled photographer, large collection of street art and drawn cartoons.
-Can draw simple toons and doodles on flat surfaces,  on her fingernails and jeans.
-Is capable at breaking into/out of simple places due to years of learning to sneak out.
-Bi-Lingual: English ad Mandarin Chinese.
-Encyclopedic knowledge of cartoon gags, puns and antics both funny and groan-worthy.

-Can of Silly String
-Colored Pens & Chalk
-'Looney Tunes' Bandaids
-Yellow 'Pikachu' Taser
--Packets of Ketchup and Taco Sauce
--Sandwich Bag of Cherries & Lighter

-Flamboyant from the influence of her Grandmother, craves attention and knows how to get it. Over time this has given her something of a natural stage presence, and taught her not only how to laugh at herself but how to turn a negative into a funny (pen explodes and dots her face, draws in eye markings to make a 'mask').
-Hates to be ignored, and can become obsessive when pursuing a new addition to her collection, (drawings, photos of street art, cartoon memorabilia).
-Adventurous spirit, not afraid to explore somewhere dangerous to get what she is after.

:Faction: None.

:Biography: Shua
lives with brother and flamboyant grandmother (flamboyant, favors bright colors)
acetone and benzene (i.e. oil remover, paint thinner and film dissolver). - Allergy?
(At least 2 paragraphs)


:Roleplay Sample:
(Please provide us with a good paragraph of your roleplaying style with this character, must be a minimum of a paragraph.)


(Optional. Can include theme song or fun facts about your character, like quirks.)

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