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Post by ReaptheMusic on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:42 pm

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Dmitri Quint


November 17th

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Wears a tan vest over a red tank top and black pants. Wears bandages on his wrists, and red makeup to look like scars painted vertically on his eyes apart of his signature look. Has dark hair and dark eyes, walks with an upright posture and a sense of unfound nobility.



:Power Abilities:

-Hand-to-hand combat
-A lot of Stamina

-A Hammer, slung through a belt loop on his pants
-A walkie talkie
-Wooden rosary beads with a cross hanging from it

Dmitri is known for his smooth way of speaking and convincing others to believe in his ideas. A devout catholic, he considers himself to be a servant of God; a fallen angel of sorts. His sense of justice is acute and he will not hesitate to take matters into his own hands, his sense of duty so immediate it's often startling and impressive. He is well known for his intense distrust and hatred of Conduits, protecting those without powers under his guidance. A thorough leader, he can rouse a crowd with only a few well constructed sentences, usually in the department of bloodshed.
His sociopathic tendencies can turn others against each other at the drop of a hat and can inwardly confuse individuals he's turned his eyes onto. Dmitri is, in a word, dangerous.

The Templars


:Roleplay Sample:
Dmitri sat on his self-made throne high up on the stacks of discarded box carts left in his abandoned train yard. Below him the echoes of his follower's words travel up to him. Here, they live in his safe world and flourish. Here, they laugh and be as free as they had, perhaps even more so, before conduits descended upon them.
The moon shines down on them, illuminating their small world of safety and comfort that he had constructed. Conduits have no power him. Dmitri had made certain of that.



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Dmitri Quint Empty Re: Dmitri Quint

Post by Ex249 on Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:15 pm

The First Big bad, Noice.

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