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The DUP (Department of Unified Protection):

The Department of Unified Protection (abbreviated as D.U.P) is a government agency in inFamous: Second Son. It is an organization created to arrest all Conduits and to label by them as "bioterrorists" to ensure that the events of Empire City and New Marais are not repeated. The director of the D.U.P is [redacted]. The D.U.P recruits soldiers as artificial conduit officers that have been seen capable of manipulating concrete to capture bioterrorists.
Optional concrete power, no other abilities allowed.

Bloody Mary:

Vampires are a group of undead creatures of the night who lived by feeding on blood, that operate across the world—most notably in New Marais.
The group in New Marais were controlled by one head vampire, and came in various appearances and abilities.
Also known as Blood Conduits, they have the ability to turn others into vampires, however they cannot control Conduits they turn.


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