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Post by Gormakid on Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:32 pm

Hey everyone! If you haven't looked over to the left yet at my username, I'm Gormakid, but most people like to remove the "kid" and simply call me Gorma.

I'm the creator of the first inFamous RPG forum which slowly fell into ruin and vandalism around 2014 (RIP, baby). However, now we're back and better thanks to the efforts of Reap, Ex, CuckyKabuki, and DocTachyon! Having been through the process of building up a site before, we hope to make this experience a better, longer-lasting one.

That being said, problems and confusion are inevitable. If you have any issues, hit me (or one of the awesome people listed above) with a PM and we'll address it as quick as we can. This website is created first and foremost for the people to have safe, fun, and dependable community to RP with, and all of our rules/guidelines exist to help reach that goal. If we are ever failing in that goal then bring it up to one of us, but we can't fix what we don't know about.

Beyond the computer, I'm currently a high school senior who, believe it or not, does high school senior-esque things. I'm on the track and cross country teams, spend my free time applying for scholarships, and work a part time job at a dairy farm near my home in good ol' Indiana. Additionally, if you've read the topic line for Ex's intro post it goes without saying that Jesus is my homeboy as well as my Lord and Savior.

On a much sillier note, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, have a deep appreciation for puns, and like long walks on the beach. My Myers-Briggs type is an INFJ, and I'm also a Cancer if you're keeping track of my daily horoscope predictions.

That's all I can really think to mention about myself right now. I hope this serves as a decent introduction! Hit me up if you want to RP or just chat in general...I'll make myself as available as possible!


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