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Factions Of Empire City Empty Factions Of Empire City

Post by Ex249 on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:10 pm

Canon Factions

The Reapers were a faction of thugs, criminals and drug dealers that operated in Empire City. After the quarantine was erected, the group grew rapidly in both size and aggression. Controlled by Lysander Mordred's black tar, they were originally simple addicts and punks dealing drugs, although their ranks were later expanded using civilians being controlled by the black tar. In a short time, they were able to take control of Empire City's Neon District.

Dust Men:

The Dust Men, also known as the Trash Baggers or Transients are a large faction that consisted of former homeless people from the Warren District who rallied under [redacted] soon after the quarantine was put into action in Empire City. Though before they were nothing but homeless people, after the Blast the faction collected scrap metals and had risen to power in a short period of time and took over the entire Warren.

The First Sons:

The First Sons were a secret society dedicated to the advancement of humanity by transhuman means. To this end, they had researched how to grant or enhance abilities such as telekinesis, electrokinesis, and various other enhancements of the human body. They were led by the mysterious [redacted], who seized power after a coup against former leader [redacted].
The size and scope of the operation is unknown, as Empire City and New Marais were their only known bases of operations. The First Sons had been operated secretly inside Empire City for decades before the blast, but afterwards operated openly, claiming control over the Historic District.

The Templar:

The Templars are an organization of religious cult members, typically of Christian origin, who have killed the police of and taken residence in the Prison of the Warren. There, they are building a safe haven community for non-conduits whom they have deemed to be sinners that need to be punished by death in the name of God. The men and women who exist in this community perceive conduits to be demonic, plaguing the streets and preventing progress to a perfect world and will not hesitate in attempting to subdue them on site with whatever means necessary. They are a powerful force who share the Warren with the Dust Men only by peace treaty as they had previously committed genocide upon them. Though they have no conduits to their name, they are massive in number and have effectively asserted some form of control over most of Empire City.  All members wear the signature slashes over their eyes, symbolizing that they look down on conduits and will ascend over them. They are led by the silver tongued and persuasive Dmitri Quint

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