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Character Creation Rules Empty Character Creation Rules

Post by Ex249 on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:03 pm

We like having a nice diverse cast of characters, but there are some things that will give your character an automatic NO from all who can accept them.

1. Don't post until the character is approved. Anyone above the level of character acceptor can approve a character to be used for posting, once that happens an admin will move the post to the approved section.

2. Don't blatantly rip off a character from somewhere else. It's cool that you like Batman, but don't make The Darkness, who is just Batman with a different, edgier name.

3. Don't make the same character over and over again. One is enough, trust me, I used to make characters based on myself but with some subtle twist a lot, it was not exciting.

4. You can use whatever picture you want, just make sure I can't reverse image search it to your facebook page.

5. Power level is important to consider, but being creative is better. You can't make an OP character without admin approval (more on that later), so when you start out, make a weaker character that you can get creative with to make them strong. Daredevil can hear and smell really well, yet kicks major ass.

6. Your character has no power in the political sense yet. He or she can start off in a faction, but they won't hold a high rank. They don't have to be a new recruit, but they won't have any minions under their control. Factions do come with benefits though, explained here [ link to factions ]

7. You like plot? So do we! Message an admin for the option of making an OP character with a lot of [redacted] information in their character sheet!

8. Don't make more characters than you can currently play. New players can't have, like, 8 characters at once, but after you prove yourself to be a good roleplayer (message the mods after you've posted for a bit, we don't always keep track!) you can more characters!

9. Argue. We might not get what you're going for, and don't want you to just give up because we said no. Prove to us that something works, and we'll allow it. (we will also monitor the character for abuse of the argued power/whatever and if you prove yourself to be a problem, we will move the character back to unapproved until the problem is fixed.)

10. Karma Bombs. They exist and you have them (regulars and higher, add them to your old characters!). They will have to be approved by someone who is not you, even I can't approve my own OP power. Using them also needs approval, but you don't have to do a certain amount of good or evil to get one, the situation just has to be right.

Other than that go crazy.

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